ETB understands how to measure movement, whatever the application. We have a wealth of experience in designing gyroscopes and accelerometers and using these devices to monitor movement. Over the last decade working with our our clinical research partners two products were developed to monitor humans and horses around the globe.

These products are GaitSmart and Pegasus. For more information on these products go to the dedicated website where you will find not only information on the product, but all of the studies and papers.

ETB also offer consultancy services, so if you have a measurment problem that you need solving contact us by clicking on the link below.

consultancyConsultancy services


GAITSMART TAGLINE_RGBGaitSmart is used in: Orthopaedics, Sports, Falls Prevention, Sports science, Rehabilitation


GS PEGASUS_RGBEquine: Veterinary, Dressage, Racing, Show jumping, Eventing, Equine science

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